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1) What fees we can expect per report?


Doctor’s fees can vary, and therefore a fixed price is not available.   We notify the law offices if the prices are higher.

A specialist report should include:

  • Documentation review

  • Imaging review

  • Report production

  • An initial teleconference (in most cases)

  • Our administrative fee -- which is the lowest in the city.

  • Large files typically have an ‘extra time’ report fee billed on an hourly basis.


At Valour IMA, we pride ourselves on keeping our costs low, while providing a reliable and efficient service. We are completely paperless, which means less waste and less CO2 emissions by avoiding print-offs and deliveries.   


2) Can we hold available appointment space(s)?


Typically, the answer is no; however, on a discretionary basis we may able to hold one (1) slot until the end of the following business day without an appointment confirmation letter. 


3) Will you send us an appointment confirmation?

First, we require an email confirmation from your firm containing the usual information:

  • Full name of the client

  • Date of birth of the client

  • Appointment time

  • Date of the subject accident / incident

  • Case or file number

  • Submission deadline (if applicable)

  • Court date (if scheduled)


Second, your firm can expect to hear from us confirming we have received this file and that the appointment has indeed been scheduled.


Please bear in mind that our practice is completely paperless. We are happy to walk your firm’s administrative staff through electronic delivery of files in a safe and secure fashion.


5) If we require your review and input for any additional documents, what fees can we expect?


This can vary based on the report rendered.  There is a 20% administrative fee.

6) Do you accept bookings for clients whose injuries or impairments were not acquired through MVA?


Yes, while Valour primarily deals with individuals who have been impacted by motor vehicle accidents, we also evaluate those who become injured or impaired through other means, such as slip-and-falls. We are able to provide a comprehensive medical assessment of an individual's impairment and its repercussions, regardless of the mechanism of injury.  Our fees remain the same.


7) Does Valour offer the services of different medical specialists?


Yes, we represent a variety of specialists, including physiatrists, neurologists, orthopedic surgeons and so forth.   


8) If we need to contact the physician, will we need to go through Valour’s offices?


Yes, per traditional 3rd party booking company protocol.  If the physician wants to book directly, then our company is okay with that.


Paper mail, cheques, and medical records in CD or USB format can be sent to our corporate mailing address at:

U 1120 - 777 West Broadway

Vancouver, BC

V5Z 4J7

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